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Issue #13

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June/July 2013


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Karma Yoga
Summer Youth Yoga
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Retha Cazel
Yoga and More
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It is an honor to live and be present in Corning – it is easy to witness the beauty of nature around us as well as witness the unfolding of people's live in this small metropolis. Yes, it is a small community and indeed a small community with a big heart. Our studio softened the way for karma yoga by participating and giving to CAREFIRST in May. The kindness has morphed into Karma Yoga on Mondays with Bill and a Karma Yoga Month at Yoga & More for June. In spirit with the offerings of Karma Yoga, it is my pleasure to offer you your karma yoga classes on your yoga card. You may prefer to make a donation instead of using your card, just let the instructor know if you are using your card so we can adjust the monies in the 'karma kitty'!

See you on the mat soon! With peace, warmth and harmony - Retha

Yoga is the golden key
which unlocks the door to
health, joy and happiness

KARMA YOGA - Mondays 4:30 - 5:45

Mondays' class is for all levels of practitioners – Bill Wood has a soft spot in his heart for the David Sheldrake Wildlife Trust. This particular trust is interested in education and prevention of ivory poaching. All money collected will be sent to the fund. We’ll keep you posted on your karma yoga contributions. Remember you can use your yoga card for the class. Bill has a great sense of humor & his love for yoga shows through in his actions and teachings.

KARMA YOGA: Monday - Thursday 6-7 am

An early morning class for the month of June!!! (only) I was inspired by Bill's offering and wanted to do something locally for our community. I was greatly saddened by the death of a small boy (12 years) from an ATV accident in May, Benjamin Schultz lost his life. It broke my heart – not knowing the boy nor family, but the conditions of the event and age of the child were "too close" to home. The class fee's and donations for this class will be in honor of Ben, his love for nature and sent to "Tanglewood". Classes will be held Mondays – Thursdays during the month of June.

The original design of medicine was to "cure" the root cause, and eliminate the illness

MONDAYS - THURSDAYS 9 - 12 am ... only $50!

Join Retha for yoga, meditation, mindfulness, positive choices and breathing techniques for youth this summer. Great fun, encouragement and tools for empowerment for our youth. We will learn the tools & how to apply these techniques to our lives for self-help, confidence and making good choices. Kid's will need to bring a large towel (beach towel or giant bath towel) for the week, water and nutritious snacks provided.

WK1: June 17th - June 20th (ages 11 - 14)
WK2: June 24th - June 27th (ages 9 - 11)
WK3: July 22nd - July 25th (ages 6 - 8)
WK4: July 29th - August 1st (ages 11 - 14)
WK5: July 29th - August 1st (ages 6 - 8)   ***1pm - 4pm ***

Register NOW!!! Class size is limited to 12. Call for registration form or email Retha at:

lotus flower
The fragrance of the heart is unmistakeably divine


Music is good for the soul and kirtan (singing about the qualities of the heart, spirit and divine) is especially good for the soul. There are no musical or voice requirements necessary to join in for Kirtan. Traditionally, it is a call and response session. This means that the Kirtan "Walla", Dennis Winge, in our case – will sing and play a phrase and then we repeat the phrase back. It is a joyous and expressive experience raising your energy to a new level and enhancing the vibrational quality of all the cells of your body. It is a guaranteed at good time, the best, next to an old fashioned hoot 'n' nanny! Come join us and see what it is all about, we are delighted to share in voice. Donations are accepted for the kirtan.

What About the Om's Aum's? Ohm's? 6 - 7pm
Friday July 19th

The sound of Aum brings peace and harmony as it is chanted. It is a powerful and complete sound. Each syllable of the AUM has a particular relevance and meaning. The AUM offers the fundamental vibrational components of distruction, creation and preservation. These elements become seeds for your cellular body, so to speak, to bring about personal peace and change.

We will use our voices, intonations, and harmony to create a continuum of Aum's. Please join us to experience the healing resonance of the sound within and without.

SONAM Ayurveda Consultations Monday July 29th

Sonam Targee, our favorite (ever and only) Ayurveda physician, from Rochester, will see clients on Monday July 29th from 10 am – 6 pm. In addition to the using the Ayurveda tools, Sonam is skilled in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Tibetan Medicine, and Western Herbology. If you are ready to take the reins of the health, and be proactive with your health – this may be a good place to start. Ayurveda medicine is the origin of medicine. The medical model was designed to "cure and prevent disease from it's root cause". If you would like to get away from the pharmacological wonderland of disease management and move towards health management, give me a call or email and I’ll set up an appointment for you. The initial hour assessment is $95, follow-up visits are ½ hour $55.

Ask Retha

Dear Retha,

I am voice shy. I am embarrassed to sing, I guess this embarrassment came from childhood experiences. I would like to come to the Kirtans offered, and I would like to be more comfortable with my voice. I even feel timid and nervous when we "OM" in yoga. Can you help?

Shy Violet

Dear Violet,

This is a very natural place for you to be. Past conditioning, whether it is conscious or unknown to us has a tremendous influence on our lives, how we feel and the choices we make. It is great that you can see that the embarrassment stems from a past pattern. This is the first step in breaking the pattern and establishing a pattern that encourages you and supports you rather than offering defeat.

I suggest that you try some "ah" and "om" exercises on your own first. These are done by sitting in a quiet space, either on the ground or in a chair, in the morning you will use the sound of "ah"...ahhhhhhhhhhhh until it fades, then ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh again and again. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Place your hand at your heart space so you can feel the vibration of the sound.

In the evening you will do the same thing with the sound of "om" (which is really spelled AUM)…..five minutes of sound, no judgement, no right or wrong, just pure primordial sound.

Practice this, and before too long you will be comfortable saying your "om's" in yoga class, join the "OM Choir" and participate openly in Kirtan. One om at a time

Good luck,

If you have questions that you would like to have answered in the next newsletter, please mail it to Retha with the subject:
"Ask Retha"

Yoga and More Newsletter • June/July 2013, issue #13

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