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The following yoga and meditation links are here for your convenience and exploration. There are many credible yoga teachers around the world from many traditions; these are the teachers who have influenced my practice and my teachings from a yogic perspective as well as a meditation viewpoint. Blessings on your journey . . . Om Shanti!

~ Retha
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John Friend's in-depth system of yoga and grace intertwines the physical body with the spiritual body allowing each person to align with the divine. It is such a powerful and transformational system, and "self correcting" in the body. I have been training with John Friend since 2004 and am a registered Anusara teacher. I discovered through the years of practicing and learning all of the yoga and meditation techniques...that I was already teaching "Anusara" yoga...teaching from the experiences that I had integrated...teaching from my heart and offering these gifts back to my students. Anusara yoga became a very natural progression to go even deeper with the knowledge of the physical body and the spiritual body. At any point during the year you can find several of the Corning Yogi's working with John personally, when he is on the East Coast - be prepared for a YOGA ROAD TRIP!
Rodney Yee has a unique approach to the practice of yoga and he is a blessing to be around. He has an Iyengar foundation and uses this foundation as a base for his exploration. He incorporates the energy and belief of the Taoist view/system to his teachings and practice for a unique experience. Since 1991, I have worked with Rodney. He consistently and consciously brings the eight steps of yoga into his teachings. His style of presentation gently allows the students to explore these concepts. My students and I enjoy Rodney's teachings on the east coast and look forward to his visits!
John Schumacher is the first senior Iyengar teacher that I began studying 1985. John teaches Iyengar style yoga and does teacher training in the Iyengar tradition. He has the utmost clarity with respect to his teachings and his knowledge is absolutely impeccable! If you wish to explore the preciseness and rigor of Iyengar yoga in a comfortable way, then John is my teacher of choice.
This is the link to the YOGAVILLE Organization. A yoga ashram dedicated to the teachers of INTEGRAL Yoga. Integral yoga consciously includes the eight steps of yoga ... yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dyhana and samadi. All practitioners from all perspectives are welcome to study in Yogaville. I am certified to teach Cardiac Yoga. Yogaville leads the way in 'speciality' yoga programs, i.e. Cardiac Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga for the Special Child, Yoga for Cancer Patients etc. Swami Satchidananda is the spiritual leader of the community and Yogaville's motto is "Truth is One, Paths are Many".
This is the link to the Southern Dharma Retreat Center, located in the mountains of North Carolina in Hot Springs (near Asheville). Southern Dharma is located in a beautiful setting conducive to meditation and deeper inner connective work. Teachings are primarily from a Buddhist perspective, ie. Zen, Dzogchen and Vippassana meditation techniques. They do include other traditions as well. Please be mindful that these various meditation techniques and methods are valuable for inner growth, and are valuable to enhance your spiritual growth regardless of religious affiliation. My meditation teachers are John Orr and Barbara Brodsky. Magical things happen while at Southern Dharma - an experience to treasure for a lifetime.
This is Barbara Brodsky's meditation center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Barbara has a rich understanding of the heart of meditation and shares the information willingly and lovingly. She and John Orr offer a week long silent retreat at the Emrich Retreat Center in Ann Arbor. This is a very special retreat setting, and a very special retreat. A large number of the sangha members attend the retreat, which enhances the heartfelt approach to the dharma teachings and brings many unpredicted blessings! Once or twice a year, I attend ten day silent meditation retreats with John and Barbara exploring the inner sanctum and honing my spiritual body.
Cealo, a Burmese trained Buddhist monk who is by heritage, Japanese. Cealo offers his love, wisdom and compassion to all. His teachings, though Buddhist based, step outside of the Buddhism box to embrace all and to love all. He goes beyond the rigor of the religion, and applies the concepts to the individual human nature. I met him in Michigan in 2002 and support his teachings in the United States by offering my yoga space for Cealo events when he is in the country. Cealo believes in helping and supporting others in the world, primarily he supports two orphanages, one in Burma and one in Cambodia. He is also supporting the efforts in Sri Lanka, as his 'sister' monastery was recently converted to an orphanage due to the 2004 Tsunami. He encourages, supports, and teaches the gifts of "direct action" allowing the local people to improve their lives on their own with their skills and talents. Quite an "EXTRA" ordinary fellow he is making changes in the world.
The premier Yogi in the world. BKS Iyengar revolutionized the yoga world and brought yoga to the attention of the mainstream western world. He has a unique understanding of yoga in its entirety. Iyengar yoga is known for its preciseness, its disciplined approach, and its thorough understanding of the physical inner body and outer body with respect to the yoga postures. People are individuals when it comes to physical needs and/or limitations and Iyengar yoga uses props such as bolsters, blankets, sandbags, benches and other tools to aid the student with their individual physical or therapeutic needs.

BKS' work speaks for itself. BKS' Ramanani Memorial Iyengar Yoga Institute is located in Pune, India. The institute is dedicated to his wife. Iyengar's daughter, Geeta Iyengar, and his son, Prashant Iyengar, teach all classes at the institute. Geeta's style is similar to her father's. She does bring a unique perspective of yoga knowledge especially for women to her teachings. Prashant has a unique style of his own, and teaches from a philosophical perspective "My job is not to teach you the physical postures, my job is to teach you how the inside of the postures work." He is an exceptional teacher to work with, and I value his teachings and enlightened work with regards to breath integration in the practice of yoga. I had the privilege to study with the Iyengars for two months, and spent an extra month touring and tasting the spirit of India. Thank you Prashantaji, Geetaji and Guruji for paving the yoga way, and bringing your teachings and yoga understanding to myself and others. Om Shanti.

Pk smith PK Smith - PK Smith is a licensed massage therapist specializing in massage and cranio-sacral therapy. PK is originally from Worcester, MA . She received her MT training in New York City, and her cranio-sacral therapy training is based in the "Upledger" tradition. She has been in the Corning area since 1995, offering massage therapy for the wellness of your body, mind and spirit.
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