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Beginners Yoga

The class and its emphasis is on postural foundation and alignment of the body. A perfect class for the novice, the pregnant mom and anyone who would like a beginning approach to yoga.

cobra pose
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Continuing Beginners Yoga

tree pose The class for beginners and returning beginners, the class emphasis is on standing poses and incorporation of the breath with the postures. A perfect yoga class for someone with minimal-to-no yoga experience. A good class to explore the foundation of yoga. Also, a perfect yoga class for someone who has some yoga experience to deepen their foundation of yoga and allow for consistent insight to the postures and breath.

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Intermediate Yoga

headstand The class is for folks who have prior yoga experience, the class uses the standing poses and their foundation to build a forward bend, back bend and an inversion practice. Beginning inversions include shoulderstand, and hand-stand and head-stand. This is a perfect class for someone who has yoga experience, taken the "Continuing Beginners Class", or someone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of yoga and awareness in the poses.

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Childrens Yoga

The class is fun and engaging for children of various ages, to help the child with self confidence, concentration, and flexibility.. Parent or guardian attends at no additional fee! Most suitable for 3 - 8 years of age. Coming soon - 'Tween Yoga Class suitable for 9 years of age and up.

child in warrior pose
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Prenatal Yoga

pregnant The class is specifically designed for the pre-natal mom! A beautiful class for mom and baby to be, create a loving space and connection with your child, and prepare your body for the birth of your child. . If you are a mom to be and cannot make this particular class - you are welcome to attend one of the beginning classes and let the instructor know of your due date and any other related issues! Moms to be can start this class at ANYTIME during a session.

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Meditation for inner peace - We use breath techniques and meditate to the sounds of crystal bowls! Meditation instruction is available prior to class. The meditation teachings focus on the Vipassana Meditation - also known as "Insight Meditation", chanting is also offered during this class reflecting the divine from various traditions such as: Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Native American and Christianity.

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Mommy & Me

The class is designed for the new mom and baby (infants 1 month old and younger with Doctor's permission to begin). The class is fun and lighthearted, creating a deeper bond between mom and baby. The class is well integrated for both baby and mom including: Baby yoga movements and massage for the baby, and challenging do-able yoga poses for the mom to increase flexibility and strength. Moms and babies can start this class at ANY TIME. Dads or caregivers can also partake in the class instead of mom. Ages for the class are infant up until the walking stage!

mom kid yoga
Gentle/Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga Show / Hide Class Description

Gentle/Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga

The class is a supported asana class with bolsters, blankets, pillows-everything except a cozy cup of hot chocolate and bunny slippers. There are easy ways to do yoga, to optimize the benefits in the body without becoming an 'exercise maniac'. A perfect way to deepen your practice and intentions in a soft, supportive way, engaging the breath and the natural openings in the body. Great for anyone who is 'tired of doing it all', anyone who needs to de-stress and de-compress and do things in a gentle way. We will work with your individual therapeutic needs (anxiety, depression, bad back, painful knees, etc.) to assist you in the healing and recalibration process.

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Open Vinyasa

vinyasa pic A mixed level class; 90 minute classes typically pack a little more oomph than their 1-hour counterparts. Postures are modified to accommodate all levels and conditions, offering both beginners as well as experienced students a soulful and satisfying practice. Explore standing poses, forward bends, hip-openers and twists; introduction to back bends, arm balances and inversions. All levels welcome.

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Intermediate Vinyasa

vinyasa An intermediate class; an opportunity for experienced students to enjoy a more challenging practice. Be prepared to work up a sweat as you flow through a sequence including intense hip-openers, back bends, inversions, binds and arm balances. This class is not appropriate for beginners and may not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions. Six months of experience practicing vinyasa recommended.

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