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Private Yoga Classes & Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

Retha offers individual private yoga classes, as well as private therapeutic yoga sessions individualized to the clients physical, mental and emotional needs. A private class, or therapeutic session is structured around the particular issue the client would like improvement with. Private classes are also available to busy folks who cannot make it to a public class and would like to have a personalized yoga class to suite their needs.

The therapeutic yoga uses the principles of the yoga postures to bring about optimal alignment and health in the body. The yoga principles and postures can be used to enhance the body's healing energy for specific ailments and diseases. Physical structural changes can also be addressed, such as scoliosis and joint hyper-extension. Yoga therapeutics are used to align, enhance, bring balance, and strengthen the physical body, and the emotional body.

Concerns such as arthritis, depression, anxiety, body imbalance, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, type I diabetes, athletic stiffness & inflexibility, knee issues, shoulder issues, digestive problems, tennis elbow, fertility concerns etc. can be addressed with yoga therapeutics.

Private yoga classes can also be beneficial for enthusiasts who wish to improve their golf game, their tennis game or perhaps increase flexibility for other sports activities such as running, cycling, or skiing.

Yoga therapy or private yoga sessions may also be beneficial post surgery, to bring about faster healing, less scar tissue formation and more circulation into the body. Retha is a certified "Cardiac Yoga" instructor, and works with clients pre and post surgery.

The therapeutics are not offered as a "cure" , it is suggested that the client advise their medical physician of the intention to work with yoga therapeutics, and seek permission as necessary.

You have three options available when making arrangements for a private yoga session:

(1) The base fee is $75 per hour.
(2) An audio CD recording of the yoga postures and sequence for your home practice Is $150, this fee includes the private session.
(3) In addition to the private session, the audio CD, photographs of the postures for References are included, the fee is $175 for this service.

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An open invitation to join us for a "Vipassana" sitting practice. Rooted in the Theravadin Buddhist teachings. Vipassana meditation is typically referred to as "insight" meditation, and is used to explore the deep connections of the mind, the spirit and heart. It is a method of inquiry to deepen your awareness and connectedness to all. We also explore other avenues of awareness meditation such as Dzochen and Lovingkindness. Please check the monthly calendar for the meditation class.

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Wellbeing, Health & You

If you are interested in natural remedies, interested in losing weight, interested in better hormonal balance, interested in having increased energy, interested in better sleep and/or interested in preventing disease and having a more wholistic approach to your health, then this is a great stepping stone in that direction. Also, we will cover the art of 'skin brushing' i.e. cleansing the lymph system, and the art of aromatherapy.The science of Ayurvedic Medicine is the original model of which modern medicine was founded. It is a constitutional model based on individual body structure, physically and emotionally and what you can do to optimize your internal conditions. The intention of medicine was to keep a person in balance, healthy, and of disease. To prevent disease from manisfestation. It is a great class, full of useful information and lots of take homes. The fee is $45, and includes class materials, a skin brush and wonderful healthy food! Please check the calendar for this class, and pre-register!

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Ayurvedic Consultations

Sonam Targee is a highly accredited and well respected practitioner and teacher in the Ayurvedic community. He holds degrees in Herbology, Chinese Medicine, Ethonmusicology, and has studied with the venerable Dr. Vasant Ladd and Dr. Robert Svoboda, and in the 'Tibetan tradition with Dr. Yeshe Donden'. Sonam has maintained a clinical practice of Ayurveda and Chinese Herbology for over 20 years. He continues his study and practice of the Vedic System, integrating it into his daily life. Sonam resides in Rochester, NY and visits our yoga studio approximately every 2 months to see clients. Ayurvedic health consultations are instrumental in keeping your body in balance and free from disease. Many clients in the area have experienced success with the natural treatments to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar levels, eliminate hot flashes, balance hormonal states, increase fertility ability, balance digestive disorders, etc. Please check the calendar for Sonam's next visit, and pre-register with Retha. For additional information about Sonam, look at

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Reiki Healing Sessions

The form of reiki rediscovered in Japan in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk. Usui reiki is a simple healing technique involving the laying on of hands and is the most widely practiced form of reiki. Reiki is not only for energy rebalance work; it also promotes healing. Healing is to make whole, whatever that may mean to you, it is an individual thing. So the idea of Reiki is simple, yet complex. It is not easy to describe Reiki in English, as the word energy in our language does not quite describe what we mean when we talk of healing energy. Yet to try Reiki is to understand Reiki. How does one describe in words how a rose smells, or how an orange tastes? Reiki is the energy of creation; allow it to create the words for you. It is a simple yet elegant way to destress, bring relaxation and help reset all your 'buttons'. Reiki training sessions/attunements are available: level I, level II, and level III.

Retha is a 3rd degree Reiki Master since 2000. The fee for a Reiki Healing Session is $75.

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Sound Therapy Sessions

The focus of the sound therapy session is the use of 7 Cyrstal Bowls...allowing the occurance of "Nada Yoga", a union of the body / mind through the sound vibration. Each crystal bowl has the sound frequency and vibration of a particular chakra (energy center) in the body. The sound therapy treatment uses a combination of Reiki Healing energy and the sounds of the crystal vibrations to bring the client into harmonious balance and for vibrational transformation to begin, to facilitate the healing process. The treatment is individualized according to the clients energetic needs and their intention for the healing session.

The fee for a Sound Therapy Session is $75.

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Sunday Workshops

On a Sunday every month, we offer a special Yoga Workshop. Each workshop length varies from one and half hours in length to more. Every month we focus on a different aspect of the yoga practice. A most popular choice is Retha's "Neck Yoga Class", a class developed for the flexability and strength in the neck region, offering help to those with a stiff neck or other chronic neck issues. Others special topics may include: "Twist Again", "Hip-Hip-Hooray", "Easy Inversions", and "Restorative Yoga and Pranayama". The classes are designed to include a mixed level audience, i.e. those with a beginners amount of information and also those with a stable/long term practice. Please check the calendar for the day and the topic, and fee.

Occasionally we will offer other specialty teachings from other teachers, and professionals in the area..

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Oour YTT program is a registered 200 hour program with Yoga Alliance. A great course for those who want to teach or for those who wish to deepen their practice. There are two major foci of this course, one will be on developing a strong personal relationship to your practice, and how to integrate what you do on the mat - off the mat! Secondly, to strongly instill what I call "correct practices" while working with students - how to give adjustments, how to observe, how to sequence, how to listen energetically and individualize your classes according to the needs of your students and what you teach. I only teach what I have experienced and do.Guest teachers, instructors and field experts are part of our program. My hope is that the students/teachers I train will be inspired to have the same integral relationship with their teaching.

The material during the training will cover the following areas:

(1) Asana Practice for Different Bodies, Ailments - Physical and Emotional
(2) The Art of Giving Adjustments in Asanas
(3) The Art and Science of Sequencing
(4) Identifying the Five Elements in Asanas - Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Space, and How to Use Them Effectively
(5) Experiential Teaching
(6) Spiritual Influence of Meditation and Personal Inquiry
(7) Aspects of Meditation, Chant, Mantra and Sanskrit
(8) The Science of Ayurveda, fundementals - Dosha, Diet and Yoga Influences

Our 2018 program has been moved to a 2019 program that begins March 2019, held one weekend of each month.
For more infomration, and details - go to:

Get on board now for the program!!!!!
Om Shanti

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